Probationary Period

If you and your pet are successfully evaluated, you will become a Trainee and enter a probationary period required of all Lend A Heart therapy teams. This training period is a time for new LAH handlers to ask questions and learn by example.

During this period of time, you and your pet must attend a minimum of six LAH programs. You may attend as many programs as you like, but LAH requires a minimum of six.

Keep in mind that LAH therapy teams endeavor to improve skills, regardless of how long they have been volunteering.  Team Leaders and experienced members at LAH programs will provide feedback and assist you in developing and improving your animal-assisted therapy skills, and help ensure that you are following LAH guidelines.  In addition to animal-assisted therapy programs, Trainees are encouraged to participate in LAH public education and fundraising events.

Active Volunteer

At the end of the probationary period, the LAH Vice President and his/her designees will review your participation and make a determination as to whether you and your pet are ready to be an active LAH volunteer.  Some teams may need additional experience to reach the required volunteer skill level.

Active volunteers continue to give and receive support, education and encouragement to grow as therapy teams to provide the best possible outcomes to the clients we serve.

Steps to Join (click on each link):

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