We have branched out to include very new and different types of visits.

Boarding Area Relaxation Corps

The Sacramento International Airport and LAH joined together to form the Boarding Area Relaxation Corps – BARC. BARC teams make travelers and airport personnel smile, relieving stress and anxiety. Look for us at the airport!

BARC teams are experienced Lend A Heart handlers and their pets who have additional training for this special program.

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Sacramento County CourtHouse

Lend A Heart has also been recruited by Sacramento Superior Court-Family Relations Courthouse. We support the families who are having hearings while waiting in areas outside the courtrooms. Our handlers and dogs accommodate requests by a child or family member to accompany them into the courtroom, as well. LAH pups continue to provide a positive and lasting effect on children and the court.

De-stressing Events at High Schools/Colleges

We have grown our distressing events from universities to supporting community colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools. Our “catch” phrases include therapy fluffies, take a “paws” for a study break, cuddle up with a pup, furry distractions, and many others.