Our Mission Statement

Lend A Heart is a volunteer organization comprised of certified handler and animal teams, and associated volunteers, dedicated to provide compassion and understanding for our clients through animal-assisted therapy.

Our Guiding Principle

LAH volunteers are expected to act with the highest standards of consideration of others, with honesty and ethical conduct while volunteering with and representing our organization.

  • Prep time for pet/dog = 1 – 2 hrs, the day before
  • Clean pet and handler attire
  • Average commute time to visit and back = 1/2 – 1 hr
  • Visit = 1 – 2 hours (required twice a month)
  • Handler and Dog team = relaxed, well-behaved, engaged with and respectful of client(s), watchful, ignores other therapy pets and any facility pets
  • Downtime after visit = reward your partner
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