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Lucy Rose / Cindy


(2016 - 2020) Rosie was always meant to be a therapy dog. She showed signs when she was a pup. She was the perfect dog

Lucy Rose / Cindy2020-08-20T21:19:45+00:00

Tony / Jenniene


(2015 - 2019) Tony was a special dog who lived a special life bringing happiness to all he came in contact with. We raised Tony

Tony / Jenniene2020-08-20T21:21:04+00:00

Stella / Margot


(2012 - 2019) Stella became a therapy dog of Lend A Heart in 2012. Many clients in the assisted living facilities enjoyed her visits and

Stella / Margot2020-08-20T21:22:50+00:00

Gillian / Mickey


(2009 - 2019) My sweet Gillian was a Lend A Heart dog for ten years. We started our career as a LAH team in 2009

Gillian / Mickey2020-08-20T21:23:33+00:00

Rusty / April


(2014 – 2018) Rusty (my gentle golden) joined Lend a Heart on his 12th birthday when he passed his evaluation.  He may have started therapy

Rusty / April2020-08-20T21:24:26+00:00

Gucci / Cathy


(2013 - 2018) I adopted Gucci Girl (Maggie’s half sister), when she was about five. She was reared with a few other CKG Spaniels and

Gucci / Cathy2020-07-03T19:54:36+00:00

Maggie May / Cathy


(2012 - 2017) I adopted Maggie May, my CKC Spaniel, when she was about four.  She was beautiful, petite, and had lots of self-confidence.  Prior

Maggie May / Cathy2020-07-03T20:04:28+00:00