(2012 – 2017)

I adopted Maggie May, my CKC Spaniel, when she was about four.  She was beautiful, petite, and had lots of self-confidence.  Prior to her adoption, Maggie was in a couple shows where she earned ribbons.  Maggie quickly earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate, joined Lend A Heart, then eventually the BARC (Boarding Area Relaxation Corp) as soon as it was created.

Maggie, who was a bit of a Princess, was a joyful dog and would prance into a room with total self-assurance that she was welcomed and that everyone loved her.  Maggie would visit with all clients for a short time then move on to someone else, as she needed to share her joy around to as many clients as possible.   Her favorite activities included sleeping, going for walks, greeting LAH clients, and being the center of attention.  Maggie will be remembered for her beauty, her love of life, and total command of everything she did.  She was my Sweet Pea.