(2016 – 2020)

Rosie was always meant to be a therapy dog. She showed signs when she was a pup. She was the perfect dog in every way. She became a Lend A Heart Dog in 2016 and by Christmas she was also a member of the  Boarding Area Relaxation Corp at Sacramento International Airport. For the next 3 1/2 years her mission was to comfort people, young and old, and to bring smiles and laughter everywhere she went. Everyone was her best friend.

Rosie had a huge collection of stuffed animals which she had in her mouth most of the time. Her favorite foods were yogurt, blueberries, lettuce and cucumbers. And, you knew you were special if she reached over to nibble on your ear.

Unfortunately like many Goldens, her life was cut short due to cancer but she gave love to the very end.
❤11/27/2012 – 01/16/2020❤