(2009 – 2019)

My sweet Gillian was a Lend A Heart dog for ten years. We started our career as a LAH team in 2009 and eventually were making ten therapy visits per month to facilities, libraries, schools and special events.

She was awarded the title Distinguished Therapy Dog by the American Kennel Club for completing more than 1500 hours of visits. Gillian was also a blood donor dog at UC Davis veterinary school where she donated blood every two months for six years.

Gillian came to me from Canine Companions for Independence when she was seven weeks old. I was her puppy raiser for 18 months at which time I returned her to CCI for professional training. Their extensive physical examination (x-rays included) revealed she had hip dysphasia and CCI released her to me.

Since she was well-trained and had such a wonderful disposition, I wanted her to share her love with others. We joined LAH and the rest is history!