(2011 – 2020)

Mr. Gosha joined Lend A Heart in 2011 and retired in the Spring of 2020. He was a natural, as a therapy dog.  He also received recognition as a therapy dog by the AKC following his start in Lend A Heart.

At the age of 4, Gosha arrived in his current home shared with with his human family, Ralph and James. Upon completion of the Lend A Heart waiting period of 6 months, post re-homing, Gosha was able to be evaluated and then accepted into Lend A Heart. Along the way, leading to his entrance into Lend A Heart, Gosha completed all 3 levels of canine obedience classes along with his family.  This also included learning sign language as prompts for performing various doggy tricks in Russian (previous home) and English.

Thus, the joys of our adventure in Lend A Heart started. Gosha experienced a lot of firsts as Lend A Heart grew and grew. Over the course of his involvement, these experiences have included meeting many clients (Gosha brought great joy to Russian speaking clients) in a wide variety of settings; from students in elementary schools to students in graduate college, libraries, etc. But there is one  experience that really stood out: his participation from the start of the successful Boarding Area Relax Core teams at the Sacramento International Airport. Each Wednesday, Gosha especially enjoyed seeing his Lend A Heart team members along with the smiles and joy they brought to the airport personnel and travelers.

Although now retired, his human family members can tell that Gosha has fond memories of his friendships and experiences in Lend A Heart and misses all. Gosha has slowed down recently, though he still continues to exude his trademark exuberance of energy at times. In December of 2020 Gosha celebrates his 15th birthday.